Metal detector and X-ray inspection system in frozen rice and meat instant food industry

Usually, food production industry will apply metal detector and X-ray detectors in order to find out and reject the metallic and non-metallic, including ferrous metal (Fe), non-ferrous metals (Copper, Aluminum etc.) and stainless steel, glass, ceramic, stone, bone, hard rubber, hard plastic, etc, which will protect the customers’ health and company brand.


What quick-frozen food industries that Techik inspection machines can be used for are listed here: 

1. Chinese snacks: glutinous rice balls, dumplings, steamed stuffed bun, fried rice, etc.

2. Minced meat and meat balls: fish dumplings, fish balls, hamburger meat balls balls, etc. 3. Fried products: chicken nuggets, coke cake, squid row, fish steak

4. Prepared dishes: salad, mashed potatoes etc.

5. Pastries: sesame balls, pizza, all kinds of frozen cakes, etc.


What can Techik foreign body metal and X-ray detector do in the above-mentioned products?

Online detection: It is recommended that detecting the frozen products directly from the quick-freezing machine, as the small volume of the bulk material can get more stable detection performance.

Metal detector for sauce : Because of the probability of dumplings and other products mixed with metal foreign bodies, so the detection before filling can obtain some better metal detection performance.


Conveyor belt metal detector: Before the packaging of quick-freezing products, the product effect is small and the metal detection accuracy is high. According to the customer's conveyor belt width, the low window model is suggested.


Food X-ray foreign body detector: X-ray detector machine can get a good metal detection accuracy and other foreign body detection. Packaging testing: after the packaging of the product, because there will be thawing in the low temperature workshop, the effect of the product will increase, but there is no impact on the X-ray machine. 


Combo metal detector and checkweigher : when customers need online metal detection and weight detection at the same time, combo metal detector and checkweigher can save the space, friendly for family workshop.


Notes for quick-frozen food or so-called fast frozen food

Quick-frozen food or so-called fast frozen food is the food, stored in -18 ℃to -20℃ (general requirements, different food require different temperatures). Its advantage is that the original quality of the food is completely preserved at low temperature (the heat inside the food or the energy to support various chemical activities is reduced, and the part of the free water of the cell is frozen), without any preservatives and additives, while preserving the food nutrition. Frozen food is characteristic with delicious, convenient, healthy, nutritious and affordable (stagger the season, improve food value, create higher benefits).

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