Canned food

1.Canned food introduction:
Canned food refers to food after a certain processing food is stored into tin plate cans, glass jars, or other packaging containers.
This kind of food which is sealed in containers and sterilized and can be kept for a long time at room temperature is called canned food.

Canned food picture 2
Canned food picture

Canned food picture 2
Canned food picture

2.Our application in canned food sector
1)Raw material inspection
Metal detector and bulk X-ray inspection system are widely used.
2)Pre-capping inspection
Metal detectors and check weighers are widely used.
3)After-capping inspection
The cap is always metalized. In most of conditions, X-ray inspection will be the first choice.
For glass jars, in capping process, it is easy to break down the glass jars and some broken glass pieces will enter into the jars and are harmful for people. Our inclined downward single beam X-ray inspection system, inclined upward single beam X-ray inspection system, dual-beam X-ray inspection system, and triple beam X-ray inspection system are very good choices.
For plastic bottles or jars without metal lid, we can also consider conveyor belt type metal detector system special for jars, bottles.
After this process, check weighers will also be installed. Checking weight after capping, is easier to check weight and a better choice.

Canned food picture 2
Check weighers

Canned food picture 2
Conveyor belt type metal detector for Bottle

Canned food picture 2
X-ray for cans, jars and bottles

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