• meat


    1.Meat product introduction: Meat product refers to raw ,fresh meat in open mode or packed in foil or package. And also the processed meat product. 2.Our application in meat sector 1).Raw...
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  • Quick Frozen Product

    Quick Frozen Product

    Industry Introduction Chilled Food: it does not need to be frozen. It is the food that reduces the temperature of the food to close to the freezing point and stores at this temperature. Deep Frozen food: stored at a temperature lower than the freezing point. Chilled food...
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  • Bakery Product

    Bakery Product

    Industry Introduction The bakery industry usually refers to the grain-based food industry. Grain-based foods may include breads, cakes, biscuits, pies, pastries, baked pet treats, and similar foods. ...
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  • Fruits&Vegetables


    Industry Introduction Fruit and vegetable processing is through various processing techniques to achieve long-term preservation of fruits and vegetables. Companies in this industry use freezing, canning, dehydrating, and pickling processes to preserve fruits and vegetabl...
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  • Snack Food

    Snack Food

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  • Additive


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  • Candies


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  • Aquatic Product

    Aquatic Product

    Introduction of contaminates in bakery industry. The main contaminates in bakery industry. Introduction of suitable inspection system for fishery industry. The parameters and deta...
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  • Canned food

    Canned food

    1.Canned food introduction: Canned food refers to food after a certain processing food is stored into tin plate cans, glass jars, or other packaging containers. This kind of food which is sealed in containers and sterilized and can be kept for a long time at room tempera...
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