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Industry Introduction
Chilled Food: it does not need to be frozen. It is the food that reduces the temperature of the food to close to the freezing point and stores at this temperature.

Deep Frozen food: stored at a temperature lower than the freezing point.

Chilled food and deep frozen food are collectively called frozen food. According to raw materials and consumption forms, they can be divided into five categories: fruits and vegetables, aquatic products, meat, poultry and eggs, rice flour products, and prepared foods.

Industry Application
Metal Detector: Techik metal detector can be used for detecting all kinds of metals, Fe, NoFe and SUS, which is suitable for both bulk product and non-metallic packages. Wide range of tunnel sizes and rejecters are available for different sizes and types products.

X-ray Inspection System: Techik X-ray inspection machines can be used to check metal contaminants, ceramic, glass, stone and other high density contaminants inside the products.
Also Techik has different design for products before and after packing.

Checkweigher: Techik in-line checkweigher has high stability, high speed and high accuracy. It can be used to check whether the products have qualified weight and overweight and underweight products will all be rejected. Small model checkweigher for pouch, box packed products. Big model for carton packed products.

Metal Detector:

Small Tunnel Conveyor Metal Detector

Big Tunnel Conveyor Metal Detector


Standard X-ray

Compact Economical X-ray


Checkweigher for Small Packages

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