Dual-energy X-ray Equipment for Bone Fragment

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Techik Dual-Energy X-ray Inspection System for Bone Fragment, taking advantage of low energy X-ray and high-energy X-ray, to solve problems in meat industry, not only detecting and rejecting the residual bone, but also professional in low density inspection.

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Dual-energy X-ray Equipment for Bone Fragment

Techik Dual-energy X-ray Equipment for Bone Fragment, which integrates the three core technologies of holographic dual-energy intelligent algorithm, virtual three-dimensional imaging and non-destructive meat quality detection, breaks the meat residual bone detection dilemma and realizes the high-precision detection of low-density foreign bodies, uneven meat quality, overlapping products under test, and large "product effect".

Using high-level protection and hygiene design, as well as IP66 waterproof process design, Techik Dual-energy X-ray Equipment for Bone Fragment will take only 5 minutes to easily and completely eliminate the dirty pollution, help meat food processing enterprises to achieve greater precision, lower customer complaint rate, higher efficiency of the modern factory layout. The machine is suitable for chicken, duck, goose, pork, beef, mutton, etc.




Excellent performance in detecting and rejecting bone fragment.

High IP protection, IP69 for tunnels.

Slope design and no dead corners, so that no bacterial breeding areas.

Easy to clean, thanks to the modular design.




X-ray tube


Maximum detection width


Maximum detection height


Best detection accuracy

(empty machine state)

Stainless steel ball φ0.3mm, stainless steel wire φ0.2×2mm

glass ball φ1.0mm, ceramic ball φo1.0mm

Conveyor speed


Working environment

Temperature: -10~40°C; humidity: 30-90%; non-condensing

X-ray leakage

< 1μSv/h (CE standard)

Cooling system

Industrial air conditioning


Sound and light alarm, alarm shutdown

Power supply

AC220V,2KVA, 50/60Hz

Air source (buyer prepares)


Protective level

IP66(Transmission part)

Body material

SUS 304

Surface dealing

Matte/Sand blasted




Chain belt flap rejecter

X-ray protection

Protective cover








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Techik Instrument (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Founded in 2008, Techik is a pioneering enterprise in China specializing in the development and application of online food safety inspection. Our extensive product range includes X-ray inspection system, metal detector, checkweigher, intelligent color sorter, and intelligent visual inspection equipment. With a dedicated team of 500+ employees, we have established three subsidiary companies and a robust international network of service centers and sales offices. Our domestic service network covering more than 20 cities across China, while our global presence has been expanded through the establishment of service centers and strategic partnerships in over 50 countries and regions.

Since inception, Techik has remained committed to the research and development of core technologies, driving our enterprise's growth through continuous technological advancements. We consistently allocate substantial resources to development and innovation of new products, as well as continuous improvement and optimization of our technologies. Our company boasts a formidable R&D design team comprising 100+ members, including distinguished professors, accomplished researchers, and doctoral candidates from renowned Chinese universities. To date, we have secured over 100 intellectual property rights and have been honored with the prestigious title of a national-level high-tech technology leader enterprise.

product range

The whole chain inspection solutions offered by Techik cater to the complete spectrum of requirements along the entire supply chain, from field to table. Our expertise spans raw material inspection, in-line monitoring during processing, and meticulous inspection of finished products. Our detected products encompass a wide range of sectors, including agriculture, diverse processed foods, pharmaceuticals, and more. Additionally, Techik's customer-centric approach drives us to offer tailored industry-specific solutions, addressing critical pain points and delivering unparalleled value. We excel in areas such as foreign object detection, micro-contamination analysis, meticulous inspection of appearance, shape, color, and defect.

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Our Goal Is To Ensure Safe With Thechik®.

The software inside Techik Dual-energy X-ray Equipment for Bone Fragment automatically compares the high and low energy images, and analyzes, through the hierarchical algorithm, whether there are atomic number differences, and detects the foreign bodies of different components to increase the detection rate of debris.

Techik Dual-energy X-ray Equipment for Bone Fragment can detect and reject the foreign matters which have little density difference with the product.

The bone fragment X-ray inspection equipment can detect overlapping products.

The X-ray inspection equipment can analyze product component, so that rejecting the foreign matters.

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