Techik cordially invites you to visit the FIC2023, the grand event of the food additives and ingredients industry!

FIC: Food additives and ingredients industry exchange and development platform

On March 15-17, FIC2023 will be held in the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai). Welcome to Techik booth 21U67! As a high-standard platform for industry exchange and development at home and abroad, the FIC exhibition is divided into three major sectors (food industry raw materials, food industry machinery and equipment, food industry innovative technology) and five exhibition areas (natural and functional products, machinery and testing instruments, comprehensive products, flavors and spices, and international exhibition area). There are more than 1,500 exhibitors and it is expected to attract over 150,000 professional visitors.

Full-chain detection needs, one-stop solution

In the additives and ingredients industry chain, there is a need for automated imperfect and foreign matter detection and inspection from raw materials to finished products. For example, for Chinese herbal powder flavors, detection and sorting the Chinese herbal raw materials can help ensure quality; foreign object detection during processing effectively avoids the risk of foreign objects such as glass fragments and damaged filters entering the product; and foreign object and visual inspection of the finished product effectively avoids unqualified products entering the market.

With multiple technologies and industry experience, Techik Detection, with product matrix of intelligent X-ray foreign object detection machine, intelligent vision inspection machine, intelligent color sorter, metal detection machine, weight sorter machine, and other diversified equipment, provides detection and inspection equipment and solutions for the additives and ingredients industry, from raw material acceptance to online processing inspection, and even to single packaging, boxing, and other production stages.

Techik X-ray inspection machine  can detect foreign objects, product defects, underweight, and poor sealing (such as leaking oil or insufficient sealing) to help companies control product quality.

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It is suitable for small and medium-sized packaging, low-density, and uniformly-shaped products to detect metal and non-metal foreign objects. This device inherits the low energy consumption and compact design features of the previous generation products. Compared with the previous generation, it has a faster operating speed, simpler maintenance, lower operation and maintenance costs, and improved cost-effectiveness.

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It is suitable for small and medium-sized packaging products and can detect foreign objects, oil leakage, packaging appearance, and weight. In addition to the foreign object detection function, it also has a sealing leakage and sealing material detection function. It can also achieve visual detection of packaging defects (such as folds, skewed edges, and oil stains) and weight detection.

Techik metal detector can detect metal foreign objects and has dual-channel detection function to effectively improve detection efficiency.

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It is suitable for powder and granular products and can detect metal foreign objects such as iron, copper, and stainless steel. The mainboard circuit parameters have been optimized, and the sensitivity, stability, and shock resistance have been significantly improved. The non-metallic area of this device is reduced by about 60% compared with ordinary models, making it more anti-interference and can be flexibly installed in production lines with limited space.

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It is suitable for non-metallic foil packaging and unpackaged products and can detect metal foreign objects such as iron, copper, and stainless steel. Equipped with dual-channel detection and high-low-frequency switching functions, different frequencies can be used for testing different products to improve detection efficiency. It has an automatic balance calibration function to ensure stable detection of the machine for a long time.

Techik checkweigher can be connected to various packaging production lines and conveyor systems to help companies control product weight. It is suitable for small and medium-sized packaging products and can perform online dynamic weight detection. It uses high-precision sensors to achieve high-speed dynamic weight detection with an accuracy of ±0.1g. It has a professional human-machine interface design, which is easy to operate, and uses a fast-detachable structure for convenient cleaning and maintenance.

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