Techik sincerely invite you to visit the 2022 Frozen Food Show

On August 8-10,2022, Frozen Cube 2022 China (Zhengzhou) Frozen Food Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as: Frozen Products Exhibition) will be grandly opened in Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center!
Techik (exhibition hall T56B booth) professional team will bring intelligent X-ray machine, metal detection machine, combo metal detector and checkweigher machine and foreign body inspection solutions, to interact with you!
As a vane of the development of the frozen food material industry, this exhibition will gather thousands of exhibits and tens of thousands of visitors. The exhibits are divided into rice noodle products, meat, aquatic products, frozen food, related equipment and other sectors, so that exhibitors can immediately grasp new products, new trends and new business opportunities.
It is more likely for frozen food that there are mixed foreign bodies in raw material treatment, freezing, packaging and other links. Foreign bodies such as metal debris, stones and plastics will cause food safety problems, and will also have a negative impact on the brand and reputation of the enterprise.
From raw material acceptance, processing, and then to single packaging to packing, frozen food enterprises have the need to control foreign bodies risks.
Raw material section: the detection of the foreign body mixed with the raw material can prevent the foreign body from damaging the equipment.
Processing section: checking and removing foreign bodies before packaging can improve the effective utilization rate of packaging.
Finished products section: detect foreign body, weight, appearance, etc., to ensure the quality of finished products.
As a testing technology expert enterprise, Techik can provide testing equipment and solutions from raw material section to finished product section for the frozen food industry.
Techik X-ray Inspection System
Suitable for quick-frozen pasta, prefabricated dishes and other small and medium-sized packaging, no packaging products testing
Metal or non-metal foreign bodies, missing, weight can be tested in multiple directions
Techik X-ray Inspection System can be equipped with high-speed HD dual-energy detector. In addition to realizing density and shape recognition, it can also distinguish foreign material through material, and the detection effect of hard residual bone in boneless flesh, as well as aluminum, glass and PVC, is significantly improved.
Techik Metal Detector
Suitable for non-metal foil packaging, no packaging products testing, can effectively detect metal foreign bodies in food, such as iron, copper, stainless steel, etc.
With dual-way detection, high and low frequency switching and other functions, for different kinds of food, you can switch to different frequency detection, to improve the detection effect.
Combo Metal Detector and Checkweigher
Suitable for the detection of large bags and boxed products, and can realize the online weight detection and metal foreign body detection simultaneously.
etal detection machine and weight detection machine on a conveyor belt, compact design, greatly reduce the installation space requirements

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