Techik supports high-quality development of the pre-packaged vegetable industry with foreign matter detection equipment

From March 28 to 31, 2023, the 11th Liangzhilong Prefabricated Vegetable Processing and Packaging Equipment Exhibition was grandly opened at the Wuhan Cultural Expo Center! During the exhibition, Techik (booth B-F01) and its professional team demonstrated various models and solutions, including intelligent X-ray foreign object detection inspection machines (referred to as X-ray machines), metal detectors, checkweigher, and etc


Multiple products on display at the booth

At this exhibition, Techik’s professional team brought inspection equipment and flexible solutions applicable to various production stages of pre-packaged vegetables, helping processing enterprises to control product quality from raw materials to finished products.

Dual-energy X-ray inspection solution 

The intelligent X-ray inspection machines exhibited by Techik at this exhibition can be equipped with dual-energy high-speed TDI detectors and AI intelligent algorithms, with simple operation and strong product adaptability. Even if the material is stacked or uneven, it can be easily detected, and it can be widely used in pre-packaged vegetables such as rice, noodles, vegetables, meat, poultry, and seafood. With the help of the dual-energy high-speed TDI detector and AI intelligent algorithm, Techik intelligent X-ray inspection machines can achieve shape and material detection, helping to solve difficult detection problems such as low-density foreign objects and thin foreign objects (such as aluminum, glass, PVC and other materials).

Metal detection and weight checking solution 

Metal detectors and weight checking machines are widely used in the pre-packaged vegetable industry to ensure that there are no metal foreign objects and the weight is compliant. Techik IMD series of metal detectors at the booth are equipped with dual-path detection, phase tracking, product tracking, automatic balance correction, and other functions, with higher and more stable detection accuracy, suitable for pre-packaged vegetables with complex components and diverse varieties. The IMC series of combo metal detector and checkweigher have both metal foreign object detection and weight checking functions and can adapt to production lines with limited space.


Sealing, oil leakage, and stuffing inspection solution

After packaging, pre-packaged vegetables may have quality problems such as poor sealing, oil leakage, and stuffing, which may cause short-term deterioration of food, posing great distress to processing enterprises. For various products such as sauce packets, vegetable packs, and marinated meat packs, Techik’s X-ray inspection machines for leakage and stuffing have added detection functions for sealing and oil leakage on the basis of the original foreign object detection function. This function is not limited by packaging materials, and aluminum foil, aluminum-plated film, plastic film and other packaging can be detected.

Process inspection and sorting solution

For various personalized inspection needs in the pre-packaged vegetable processing process, Techik can provide various devices, including intelligent visual sorting machines, multi-level weight selection machines, and other devices for enterprises to choose from, and can also customize professional inspection equipment and solutions.

One-stop solution for the pre-packaged food industry

For the full-chain detection needs of the pre-packaged vegetable and other pre-packaged food industries, Techik can provide one-stop solutions with metal detectors, weight checking machines, intelligent X-ray foreign object inspection machines and other equipment


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