Techik X-ray inspection system and metal detectors apply in instant food industry

For instant food, such as instant noodles, instant rice, simple meal, prep meal, etc, how to avoid foreign matters (metal and non-metal, glass, stone, etc) to keep product safety and protect the customer health? In order to keep in line with standards including FACCP, what machines and equipment can be used to improve foreign matter detection efficiency? Techik metal detectors, checkweighers and X-ray inspection systems are helpful when applied into the existing production lines.

What do we mean of instant food?

Instant food here we refer to products that are made of/from rice, noodles, grains and cereal as the main raw materials. Such products have characteristics of simple cooking, easy to carry and store.

Techik solutions for instant food industry

Online detection: in instant food or so-called simple food, sometimes packaging and other auxiliary materials packaging has the use of aluminum foil requirements, so the foreign body detection before packaging is conducive to the improvement of detection accuracy.

The online detection can be conducted by Techik metal detectors, checkweighers and X-ray inspection systems. The following are main tips for using Techik detection machines.

Metal detector: the appropriate window should be selected according to the size of the product for detection;

Checkweigher: the packaged product shall be weighed after measured to determine the accuracy of the batching system

X-ray inspection system: if the customer has higher requirements for the detection accuracy of the product, using the X-ray inspection system can get better metal detection accuracy while it can find out and reject hard foreign bodies such as stone and glass. At the same time, it is also necessary to know that the detection accuracy of simple packaging will not be affected by whether the product is packaged or not.

For aluminum foil packaged products

Metal detector : for non-aluminum foil packaging products, metal detector can get better detection accuracy; for products with aluminum foil packaging, metal detector requires experimental data for aluminum coating or other packaging materials. So for products with aluminum foil packaging, it is generally recommended to use the X-ray machine for detection;

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Checkweigher: the use of the weight checking machine can detect the lack of other accessories in the packaging products, so that checkweighers can ensure that the feeding equipment is more stable;

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X-ray inspection system: for whether the products are packaged with aluminum foil or not, the use of X-ray can get good metal detection accuracy. However, it should be noted that when the product is relatively light, it is easy to be blocked by the protective curtain when passing through the ordinary X-ray machine, so the channel design should be considered. Techik designers will provide various solutions to meet your products.

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