Techikers deliver orders with high quality in spite of extreme high temperature

During this year’s scorching heat, the outdoor surface temperature was as high as 60-70 degrees, and the high temperature was shrouded in Suzhou, steaming and baking everything; meanwhile, the indoor temperature was also as high as 40 + degrees. Of course, in such an environment, Techik Suzhou has been boiling, like a high-speed running machine. However, Techik staff rolled up their sleeves to work hard, day and night, no matter what off work time, no matter weekend, with only one purpose of completing the order and meeting clients’ needs.


The market is like a “battlefield”, and if orders deliver on time with high quality determines fate of the company. Thus, in spite of the extreme high temperature, Mr Chun, general manager of Techik Suzhou said: ” The difficulties are in front of us,but we must do all out first.

Under the leadership of general manager, the company operated in an orderly manner following the set plan. The sheet metal manufacturing department and the storage department opened up temporary working areas for everyone, the equipment department timely deployed production tools and required consumables, and the personnel administration department provided labor protection supplies and heatstroke supplies. With the cooperation of each department, each colleague in charge allocates the time by themselves, and continues to support the production on the premise of ensuring their own work.

Who work hard will shine. Now let’s freeze the scene of their work.


In the face of difficulties, we have a firm confidence and effective cooperation. After several days of production line support and the joint efforts of all departments, the centralized delivery task was successfully completed.It is the cooperative colleagues and teams that can make the company competitive in international market.

Post time: Dec-01-2022

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