X-ray Inspection System Upgrades Food Enterprises Production Line

Foreign body detection is significant and necessary quality assurance for food and drug manufacturers. In order to ensure that 100% safe and reliable products are provided to consumers and commercial partners, x-ray inspection equipment should be used to detect foreign bodies in the process of food production. The system can reliably detect foreign bodies such as glass, metal, stone, high-density plastic, and steel residues. 

Food manufacturers have used inspection technology to detect unprocessed raw materials for a long time. Since the tested substances are still unpackaged bulk goods in this production stage, their detection accuracy is higher than the packaged products at the end of the production line. Raw materials warehousing inspection can ensure that there is no foreign body into the production process. However, foreign bodies are brought in during other production processes, such as process of raw materials crushing. Therefore, the problematic raw materials removed before entering the next step of processing, refining or mixing, can avoid the the waste of the time and materials.

Techik Instrument (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. focuses on inspection field for about fifteen years, committed to solving practical problems that food enterprises are concerned.

The detection result storage function of Techik X-ray detection technology can help the production enterprises in the food field to accurately trace the sellers of contaminated products and defective products, and take corresponding measures. X-ray foreign body inspection equipment can be used to detect foreign bodies in food, such as instant noodles, bread, biscuits, dried fish, ham sausage, chicken feet, chicken wings, beef jerky, spicy dry tofu, nuts, etc. Techik X-ray inspection machine can automatically detect and sort foreign bodies, such as metal, ceramics, glass, bones, shells, etc. In addition to detecting physical contaminants (such as metal fragments, glass fragments, and some plastic and rubber compounds), some endogenous foreign bodies, such as skeletal foreign bodies of the most important concern to the meat and aquatic products industry, can also be detected. Online X-ray food foreign body inspection machine can be 100% connected to the production line, which is not easy to receive electromagnetic interference, and will not cause secondary pollution. Based on AI deep learning intelligent algorithm, it can identify all kinds of food. At the same time, the materials used in the equipment meet the food machinery hygiene design standards, and the conveying part meets the IP66 waterproof grade, which is easy to dismantle and washable.

Post time: Aug-01-2022

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