Elevating Quality and Efficiency in the Pistachio Industry with Tailored Sorting Solutions

Pistachios are experiencing a continuous surge in sales. Simultaneously, consumers are increasingly demanding higher quality and improved production processes. However, pistachio processing businesses face a series of challenges, including high labor costs, demanding production environments, and quality control issues.


To meet the challenges faced by the pistachio industry in sorting smooth/thick shell, open/closed kernel, as well as addressing issues related to mold, insect infestation, shrinkage, empty shells, and foreign materials, Techik leverages profound industry insights to offer a comprehensive pistachio inspection and sorting solution.


Various equipment options such as the intelligent chute color sorter, intelligent visual color sorting machine, intelligent combo X-ray and vision inspection system, and intelligent bulk material X-ray inspection machine cater to a wide range of pistachio industry needs, from raw material sorting to process monitoring and final product inspection. These solutions have been market-validated and highly praised by industry customers.


In-Shell Pistachio Sorting Solution

Pistachios have brown shells with longitudinal stripes, and their shape resembles an ellipse. In the market, pistachios are categorized into different grades and price ranges based on several factors such as shell thickness (smooth/thick), shell opening (open/closed), size, and impurity rates.


Sorting requirements include:

Sorting pistachio kernels before and after shell opening processing.

Sorting smooth and thick shell kernels in pistachio raw materials.

Separating contaminants like mold, metal, glass, and non-conforming products, while distinguishing green-hull pistachios, pistachio shells, and pistachio kernels to facilitate subsequent processing.


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With the help of AI deep learning algorithms and high-resolution image recognition technology, the system can identify tiny differences in pistachio shells, achieving precise sorting of open and closed shells. Additionally, it sorts smooth and thick shell kernels, increasing yield and reducing loss.


In-Shell Pistachio Color, Shape, and Quality Sorting:

Related Models: Double-Layer Conveyor-Type Intelligent Visual Color Sorting Machine

Building upon the smooth/thick shell and open/closed sorting, the system can further sort out contaminants like mold, metal, glass, and non-conforming products, including green-hull pistachios, pistachio shells, and pistachio kernels, meeting customer demands. It separates waste materials and different categories of rework materials, enhancing material utilization.


Assisting customers in efficiently distinguishing smooth/thick shell and open/closed kernels, accurately classifying product grades, leading to increased revenue and material utilization.

Addressing customer needs by identifying impurities such as contaminants, green-hull pistachios, shells, kernels, etc., helping customers manage materials more effectively and reduce losses.


Pistachio Kernel Sorting Solution

Pistachio kernels are oval-shaped and possess high nutritional and medicinal value. They are categorized into different grades and price ranges in the market based on factors like color, size, and impurity rate.


Sorting requirements include:

Sorting out contaminants such as pistachio shells, branches, metal, and glass.

Sorting defective kernels, mechanically damaged kernels, moldy kernels, insect-infested kernels, and shriveled kernels, among other non-conforming products.


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The dual-layer intelligent X-ray inspection system for bulk products can replace multiple workers and intelligently identify foreign objects like shells, metal, and glass, as well as non-conforming products. It can identify metal, glass fragments, and internal defects like insect infestation and shrinkage in kernels.


Substituting multiple workers to sort high-quality pistachio kernels, increasing capacity, reducing costs, and helping customers better cope with market competition and challenges.


Whether it’s improving product quality, reducing production costs, or tackling quality control challenges, Techik’s intelligent sorting solutions promise significant benefits for pistachio processing companies, helping them achieve higher quality, greater production capacity, and enhanced efficiency in pistachio sorting while reducing reliance on manual labor.

Post time: Sep-13-2023

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