Intelligence safeguards food safety|Techik attended the 2022 Sugar and Wine Fair


On November 10-12, 2022, the National Sugar and Wine Commodity Fair (hereinafter referred to as: Sugar and Wine Fair) was opened grandly in Chengdu! Techik (booth at Chengdu West China International Expo City Hall 3 Hall 3E060T) showcased its topnotch food foreign matter detection and sorting equipment and solution including intelligent X-ray foreign body inspection machine, metal detection machine and checkweigher!



The exhibition area is 280,000 square meters, with more than 5,500 exhibitors from all over the country participating in 2022 Sugar and Wine Fair. Techik has brought various and professional inspection and sorting equipment and solutions for raw material, processing, packaging in food and beverage enterprises, attracting many professional visitors to stop and consult.

More than foreign body detection, Techik provides multi-dimensional protection of food quality

From sugar, rice wine to hand tear beef and braised pork cooking bag, the rich variety of food and beverage in the exhibition is dizzying, which comes to the question of how to guarantee the food safety.

Techik X-ray inspection system for sealing, leakage and stuffing, on the basis of the traditional foreign body detection function, increases functions of inspecting packaging sealing and leakage, which can be used for various packages (for example: aluminum foil, aluminum film, plastic film packaging). In addition, the equipment can also realize visual detection for packaging defects (example: sealing fold, pressure edge slanting, oil stains, etc.), as well as weight detection.

Techik Standard X-ray inspection machine can detect foreign body, missing and weight for small and medium-sized food and beverage. X-ray inspection machine for bulk products can carry out multi-directional detection of foreign body and shape of bulk materials. Techik X-ray inspection machine for bulk products can also be equipped with dual-energy detector, which can identify foreign body through material differences, and effectively conduct the detection of low-density foreign body and thin sheet foreign body.

Universal and wide application range of metal inspection & weight detection solution

Metal detection machine and check weigher machine are widely used in the food and beverage industry. The models displayed at the booth can be used in a rich variety of food and beverage production lines.

Techik metal detector is suitable for non-metal foil packaging and bulk products.

Techik checkweigher is suitable for small and medium-sized packaging of food and beverage. Its high precision sensors can realize high speed, high precision, high stability of dynamic weight detection.

One-stop customization of more professional solutions

In view of the detection problems (foreign bodies, appearance and weight detection) of snack food, condiments, alcohol and beverage from raw materials to finished products, Techik can provide professional detection equipment and solutions with the application of multi-spectrum, multi-energy spectrum and multi-sensor technology, and help to build a more efficient automated production line.

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