Techik helps prefabricated Hunan cuisine to safeguard the food safety and brand safety

On November 24,2022, the fifth 2022 China Hunan Food Materials E-commerce Festival (hereinafter referred to as: Hunan Food Ingredients Festival) was grandly opened in Changsha International Convention and Exhibition Center!

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Techik (booth at W3 pavilion N01/03/05) brought different models of intelligent X-ray foreign body detection machine (X-ray inspection machine), color sorter, metal detector and checkweigher to showcase its industry leading food inspection equipment and solutions.

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The overall prefabricated cuisine industry, with complete product system, is about 30 billion yuan according to the statistics. In the exhibition, Techik brought detection and inspection equipment and solutions suitable for meat, poultry and aquatic food materials, sauces, and prefabricated vegetables, which can solve the detection problems from raw materials to finished foreign bodies, appearance, and weight, attracting many professional visitors to stop and consult.

Raw material sorting solution for small and medium-sized yield

Usually, condiment including salt, vinegar, soy sauce, Chinese prickly ash, etc. will be used in prefabricated Hunan cuisine, thus, raw material sorting process is also a necessary link to improve the quality of dishes. Chute color sorter in Techik booth is suitable for rice, wheat, Chinese prickly ash, beans and other raw materials. Techik color sorter, which is equipped with 5400 pixel full color sensor and intelligent easy selection algorithm system, can achieve color and shape selection. All in all, Techik color sorter is efficient and effective for small and medium-sized yield raw material sorting.

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Multifunctional X-ray inspection solutions

In the process of prefabricated Hunan cuisine, in addition to the important foreign body detection link, packaging quality inspection is also crucial to ensure food quality and safety. Techik X-ray inspection system for sealing, stuffing and leakage, based on the traditional foreign body detection function, has increased inspection for packaging sealing, stuffing and oil leakage function, which is not limited by packaging material (aluminum foil, aluminum film, plastic film and other packaging can be detected). Furthermore, Techik X-ray inspection system for sealing, stuffing and leakage can realize packaging defects (such as sealing fold, slanting, oil stains, etc.) visual detection, weight detection, multidimensional guardian food quality and safety.

Techik X-ray inspection system for residual bone adopts dual energy detection technology, which has higher sensitivity and detection rate. It can be detected online for the residual broken bone in the meat products. For example, in the chicken processing, the residual clavicle, fan bone and shoulder blade fragments can be detected.

Efficient, stable, universal metal detector and checkweigher solutions

The metal detector and checkweigher displayed on the Techik booth can be used in a wide variety of prefabricated Hunan dishes and food material production lines.

For different kinds of products such as meat, vegetables, fruits and seasonings, Techik standard metal detector can be replaced at different frequencies to effectively improve the detection effect of metal foreign bodies; For small and medium-sized packaging products of different specifications, Techik standard checkweigher can realize high-precision and high-stable dynamic weight detection with high-precision sensors and targeted reject system.

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