What technology could be used to detect food as well as Mars?

“Is the sun and the moon safe? “
Thousands of years ago, Qu Yuan expressed his cosmological philosophy in the question. Mars has been an important object of observation since ancient times. From 1960s there have been more than 40 missions to Mars. China’s 2021 spacecraft has sent back images of the Mars that have captured the world’s attention.
What is the technology behind the Mars image? TDI(Time Delay Integration ) technology is one of them. The lack of exposure due to the high speed of objects in the vast universe and the low light environment is a limiting factor for the quality of space probe images. How can you increase the exposure to get better images? TDI gives the answer. TDI detector is a special linear array detector with plane array structure and linear array output. When imaging, the image is continuously output by the relative motion of object and detector. This type of imaging method is also called push-sweep imaging, just as a mop drags the ground in one direction, the area it drags across is the area where the image is completed (pictured below).
Compared with traditional linear detector, the TDI detector can expose the same target multiple times, greatly increase the collection of light energy, and has the advantages of faster response, wide dynamic range, etc. , it can also produce higher resolution images at higher speeds in harsher environments. Taking high-resolution images of Mars through TDI technology is the need to go out of the earth-moon system and explore the universe. Is it necessary to apply TDI technology to food detection?
It is estimated that the world’s population will exceed 8 billion by 2025.Food supply will probably need to double, faster and more accurate testing equipment, which will be necessary for food processing enterprises in order to achieve greater output, higher quality food production, and the use of TDI technology x-ray foreign body detection equipment (hereinafter referred to as x-ray machine) ,which can limit the intensity of rays, improve scanning speed and image clarity, enhance detection efficiency, in line with the food industry trend of development to meet the development of food safety needs.
Techik has an insight into the development trend of food processing industry. The intelligent x-ray machine, which uses high-speed and high-definition TDI technology detector, presents the characteristics of high-definition imaging, low energy consumption and low radiation, and helps food processing enterprises to enter the fast track of development.image4
01 High Definition imaging
Techik’s intelligent x-ray machine using TDI technology detector exposure effect is 8 times the traditional linear detector that the output of x-ray imaging high-definition , bright and dark, and also a better sense of hierarchy, which can better display the details of the objects being measured that effectively improve the detection accuracy.
02 Low power consumption 02
TDI technology detector enables x-ray machine to achieve a clearer image through less dose of x Ray, and then effectively reduce the power required for its operation.
03 faster detection speed03
Using TDI detector can limit the intensity of radiation, improve the detection speed, and make intelligent x-ray machine to adapt to a higher speed production line.
04 More safe and environmental protection
Low energy consumption and low radiation equipment configuration not only improve the security and reliability of Techik’s intelligent x-ray machine, but also help to save energy and protect the environment.
05 Longer service life
TDI detector reduces the output power, heat of x-ray source, the volume of equipment, and makes x-ray machine more stable and longer service life.
06 Lower cost
Longer service life, less energy consumption, less heat dissipation, smaller volume and other factors make the overall low cost of using x-ray machine.
Based on the technology application research and more than 10 years’R & D Experience, Techik is committed to the on-line spectrum detection technology and product update iteration, providing intelligent detection equipment, flexible and personalized solutions for food and pharmaceutical industries.

Post time: Dec-30-2021

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