Safeguarding Meat Quality and Safety with Intelligent Inspection Equipment and Solution

In the realm of meat processing, ensuring product quality and safety has become increasingly critical. From the initial stages of meat processing, such as cutting and segmentation, to the more intricate processes of deep processing involving shaping and seasoning, and finally, packaging, every step presents potential quality issues, including foreign objects and defects.


Amidst the backdrop of the optimization and upgrading of traditional manufacturing industries, the adoption of intelligent technology to enhance product quality and inspection efficiency has emerged as a prominent trend. Tailoring solutions to the diverse inspection needs of the meat industry, covering everything from initial processing to deep processing and packaging, Techik leverages multi-spectral, multi-energy spectrum, and multi-sensor technologies to craft targeted and efficient inspection solutions for businesses.

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Inspection Solutions for Initial Meat Processing:

Initial meat processing encompasses tasks like splitting, segmenting, cutting into small pieces, deboning, and trimming. This stage yields various products, including bone-in meat, segmented meat, meat slices, and minced meat. Techik addresses the inspection needs during breeding and segmentation processes, focusing on external foreign objects, bone fragments left after deboning, and the analysis of fat content and weight grading. The company relies on intelligent X-ray inspection systems, metal detectors, and checkweighers to provide specialized inspection solutions.

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Foreign Object Detection: Detecting foreign objects during initial meat processing can be challenging due to irregularities in the material’s surface, variations in component densities, high material stack thickness, and low foreign object density. Traditional X-ray inspection machines struggle with complex foreign object detection. Techik’s dual-energy intelligent X-ray inspection systems, incorporating TDI technology, dual-energy X-ray detection, and targeted intelligent algorithms, efficiently detect low-density foreign objects, such as broken needles, knife tip fragments, glass, PVC plastic, and thin fragments, even in bone-in meat, segmented meat, meat slices, and diced meat, even when materials are stacked unevenly or have irregular surfaces.


Bone Fragment Detection: Detecting low-density bone fragments, like chicken bones (hollow bones), in meat products after deboning is challenging for single-energy X-ray inspection machines due to their low material density and poor X-ray absorption. Techik’s dual-energy intelligent X-ray inspection machine designed for bone fragment detection offers higher sensitivity and detection rates compared to traditional single-energy systems, ensuring the identification of low-density bone fragments, even when they have minimal density differences, overlap with other materials, or exhibit uneven surfaces.


Fat Content Analysis: Real-time fat content analysis during the processing of segmented and minced meat aids in accurate grading and pricing, ultimately boosting revenue and efficiency. Building upon foreign object detection capabilities, Techik’s dual-energy intelligent X-ray inspection system enables rapid, high-precision analysis of fat content in meat products like poultry and livestock, offering a convenient and efficient solution.



Inspection Solutions for Deep Meat Processing:

Deep meat processing involves processes such as shaping, marinating, frying, baking, and cooking, resulting in products like marinated meat, roasted meat, steaks, and chicken nuggets. Techik addresses the challenges of foreign objects, bone fragments, hair, defects, and fat content analysis during deep meat processing through a matrix of equipment, including dual-energy intelligent X-ray inspection systems and intelligent visual sorting systems.

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Foreign Object Detection: Despite the advanced processing, there is still a risk of foreign object contamination in deep meat processing. Techik’s free-fall-type dual-energy intelligent X-ray inspection machine effectively detects foreign objects in various deep-processed products such as meat patties and marinated meat. With IP66 protection and easy maintenance, it accommodates the diverse testing scenarios of marination, frying, baking, and quick freezing.


Bone Fragment Detection: Ensuring bone-free deep-processed meat products before packaging is crucial for food safety and quality. Techik’s dual-energy intelligent X-ray inspection machine for bone fragments effectively detects residual bone fragments in meat products that have undergone cooking, baking, or frying processes, minimizing food safety risks.


Appearance Defect Detection: During processing, products like chicken nuggets may exhibit quality issues such as overcooking, charring, or peeling. Techik’s intelligent visual sorting system, with its high-definition imaging and intelligent technology, performs real-time and accurate inspections, rejecting products with appearance defects.


Hair Detection: Techik’s ultra-high-definition belt-type intelligent visual sorting machine not only offers intelligent shape and color sorting but also automates the reject of slight foreign objects like hair, feathers, fine strings, paper scraps, and insect remains, making it suitable for various food processing stages, including frying and baking.


Fat Content Analysis: Conducting online fat content analysis in deep-processed meat products helps control product quality and ensures compliance with nutritional labels. Techik’s dual-energy intelligent X-ray inspection machine, in addition to its foreign object detection capabilities, offers online fat content analysis for products like meat patties, meatballs, ham sausages, and hamburgers, enabling precise ingredient measurement and ensuring flavor consistency.


Inspection Solutions for Packaged Meat Products:

Packaging of meat products comes in various forms, including small and medium-sized bags, boxes, and cartons. Techik provides solutions to address issues related to foreign objects, improper sealing, packaging defects, and weight discrepancies in packaged meat products. Their highly integrated “All IN ONE” finished product inspection solution streamlines the inspection process for businesses, ensuring both efficiency and convenience.

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Low-Density & Minor Foreign Object Detection: For meat products packaged in bags, boxes, and other forms, Techik offers different-sized inspection equipment, including dual-energy intelligent X-ray machines, to tackle challenges related to low-density and minor foreign object detection.


Sealing Inspection: Products like marinated chicken feet and marinated meat packages may experience sealing issues during the packaging process. Techik’s X-ray inspection machine for oil leakage and foreign objects extends its capabilities to include detecting improper sealing, whether the packaging material is aluminum, aluminum plating, or plastic film.


Weight Sorting: To ensure compliance with weight regulations for packaged meat products, Techik’s weight sorting machine, equipped with high-speed and high-precision sensors, provides efficient and accurate online weight detection for various packaging types, including small bags, large bags, and cartons.


All IN ONE Finished Product Inspection Solution:

Techik has introduced a comprehensive “All IN ONE” finished product inspection solution, comprising intelligent visual inspection systems, weight-checking systems, and intelligent X-ray inspection systems. This integrated solution efficiently addresses challenges related to foreign objects, packaging, code characters, and weight in finished products, providing businesses with a streamlined and convenient inspection experience.


In conclusion, Techik offers a range of intelligent inspection solutions tailored to various stages of meat processing, ensuring the quality and safety of meat products while meeting the specific needs of the industry. From initial processing to deep processing and packaging, their advanced technology and equipment enhance efficiency and reduce the risks associated with foreign objects, bone fragments, defects, and other quality-related issues in the meat industry.


Post time: Sep-25-2023

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