Techik Empowers the Meat Industry Exhibition: Igniting Sparks of Innovation

2023 China International Meat Industry Exhibition focuses on fresh meat products, processed meat products, frozen meat products, prefabricated foods, deep-processed meat products, and snack meat products. It has attracted tens of thousands of professional attendees and is undoubtedly a high-standard, high-level event in the meat industry.

 Techik Empowers the Meat Indus1

With extensive experience in the field of online inspection in meat processing, deep processing, and packaged meat products, Techik was on-site to provide professional insights to attendees and showcase how intelligent inspection technology is bringing new changes to the meat industry.


In recent years, with the rapid development of the meat processing industry, product categories such as canned meats, ready-to-eat snacks, and convenience foods have become increasingly diverse. Techik offers intelligent automation inspection solutions tailored to different packaging and types of meat products.


Techik X-ray Inspection System for Residual Bone : Techik’s X-ray Inspection System for Residual Bone is designed specifically to address the issue of bone fragments in boneless meat products. Based on dual-energy processing systems and AI intelligent algorithms, it is capable of detecting low-density bone fragments such as clavicles, wishbones, and shoulder blade fragments in chicken meat, even when the density of the product is similar to that of foreign objects or when there is overlapping or uneven surfaces.

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Techik X-ray Inspection System for Cans, Jars and Bottles : Techik X-ray Inspection System for Cans, Jars and Bottles provides solutions for different materials of canned products, including tinplate, plastic, and glass cans. Based on unique triple beam design, complex can/bottle/jar body detection models, and AI intelligent algorithms, it enables high-precision detection of foreign objects in can/bottle/jar, even in difficult-to-detect areas such as the bottom, screw cap, iron container pressure edges, and pull rings.

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Techik X-ray Inspection System for Sealing, Stuffing and Oil Leakage : For small and medium-sized packaged meat snacks, Techik X-ray Inspection System for Sealing, Stuffing and Oil Leakage addresses the potential issues of inadequate sealing that could lead to short-term spoilage and food safety concerns. In addition to their foreign object detection capabilities, it can also inspect the quality of package seals, perform real-time checks, and reject non-compliant products, regardless of the packaging material, including aluminum foil, aluminum-plated film, and plastic film.

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From raw material inspection to final product inspection in the meat industry, Techik offers professional inspection equipment and solutions to address various issues such as needle breakage, blade breakage, bone fragments, hair, overcooking, package leakage, inadequate sealing, packaging defects, underweight, and more, thereby helping to build more efficient automated production lines!

Post time: Oct-10-2023

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