X-ray Inspection System for Sealing, Stuffing and Leakage

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The X-ray Inspection System developed by Techik serves as a sophisticated tool designed to address challenges related to stuffing, sealing, and leakage in food packaging. This advanced system utilizes X-ray technology to thoroughly examine and analyze the integrity of packaging materials, ensuring optimal performance and minimizing potential issues.

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*Product Introduction of X-ray Inspection System for Sealing, Stuffing and Leakage:

Improved sealing and effective material containment represent the initial challenges encountered in the snack food processing industry. These issues give rise to the undesirable occurrence known as "leak oil," which can contaminate subsequent production lines, compromising the quality of the final product and leading to rapid food degradation.

To address these persistent concerns, Techik has introduced its cutting-edge Intelligent X-ray Inspection System. This advanced solution offers a comprehensive remedy for the longstanding difficulties associated with securing materials and preventing oil leakage in various packaging formats, including aluminum foil, plastic, small and medium-sized bags, as well as vacuum packaging, among others.

By employing high-resolution X-ray imaging, the inspection system is capable of detecting and identifying any abnormalities or defects in the sealing process. It enables precise identification of material clamping errors and provides a comprehensive solution to prevent oil leakage in a wide range of packaging formats, including aluminum foil, plastic, small and medium-sized bags, vacuum-sealed packages, and more.

The X-ray Inspection System's intelligent capabilities allow for real-time monitoring and immediate identification of any compromised packaging, thereby minimizing the risk of product contamination and subsequent deterioration. With its reliable and efficient performance, this advanced technology offers an effective and reliable solution to enhance the overall quality and safety of snack food processing.


*Features of X-ray Inspection System for Sealing, Stuffing and Leakage

1. Contaminants Detection

Contaminants: metal, glass, stones and other malignant impurities; plastic flakes, mud, cable ties and otherlow-density pollutants.

2. Oil Leakage & Stuffing Detection

High-speed, high-definition TDI detector, 8 times better in exposure.
Accurate rejection for oil leakage, stuffing, oily juice contamination, etc.

3. Online Weighing

Contaminants inspection function.
Weight checking function,土2%inspection ratio.
Overweight, underweight, empty bag. etc. can be inspected.

4. Visual Inspection

Visual inspection by supercomputing system, to check product packaging appearance.
Wrinkles at the seal, skewed press edges, dirty oil stains, etc.


*Applications of X-ray Inspection System for Sealing, Stuffing and Leakage

The X-ray Inspection System developed by Techik finds extensive application across various industries that rely on packaging and quality control. Some of the key industries where this machine is commonly utilized include:

Food and Beverage Industry: The X-ray Inspection System plays a crucial role in ensuring the integrity of packaging in the food and beverage sector. It helps detect foreign objects, such as metal fragments or contaminants, while also identifying issues related to sealing, stuffing, and leakage in different types of packaging materials.

Pharmaceutical Industry: In pharmaceutical manufacturing, maintaining the quality and safety of packaged products is of paramount importance. The X-ray Inspection System aids in verifying the accuracy of drug packaging, detecting any irregularities in sealing, and ensuring compliance with industry regulations.

Cosmetics and Personal Care Industry: Cosmetics and personal care products require reliable packaging to preserve their quality and prevent contamination. The X-ray Inspection System assists in identifying issues related to sealing integrity, ensuring that products meet the required standards before reaching consumers.

Electronics Industry: The X-ray Inspection System is also utilized in the electronics industry to examine the packaging of electronic components and devices. It helps identify any potential defects, such as improper sealing or foreign objects, which could impact the performance and reliability of the products.

Automotive Industry: Automotive manufacturers utilize the X-ray Inspection System to inspect the packaging and integrity of critical components, such as electronic modules, connectors, and sensors. This helps ensure the quality and reliability of automotive parts before they are integrated into vehicles.

Overall, the X-ray Inspection System has a wide range of applications in industries where packaging quality and integrity are crucial for product safety, compliance, and consumer satisfaction.






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