Techik invites you to attend 2022 Hunan Food Ingredients Festival

        On November 24-26, 2022, the fifth 2022 Liangzhilong China Hunan Food Materials E-commerce Festival (referred to as: Hunan Food Ingredients Festival) will open grandly in Changsha International Convention and Exhibition Center!
        Techik (booth: E1 exhibition hall N01 / 03 / 05) will bring intelligent X-ray foreign body detection machine, color sorter, metal detector, and checkweigher, to interact with you!
Liangzhilong 2022 Hunan Food Materials E-commerce Festival is committed to launching the brand of Hunan vegetables and promoting the development of the whole industry chain of new Hunan prefabricated vegetables. The exhibition covers aquatic products, meat and poultry, pastry, prefabricated dishes, spices and catering, as well as related machinery and equipment, and will welcome tens of thousands of professional visitors to the ceremony.
        Food safety has always been the focus of prefabricated vegetable consumers. Techik can provide detection and sorting equipment and solutions for prefabricated Hunan cuisine enterprises, and help improve the quality of prefabricated Hunan vegetables through the automatic detection from raw materials to packaging.
        For the raw materials of vegetables, nuts, meat products and aquatic products, the color sorting machine and intelligent X-ray machine can help solve the problems of poor appearance, mildew, damage, foreign bodies in the raw materials, help improve the quality of raw materials and protect the back-end equipment.
        Aiming to inspect and detect foreign body, weight and oil leakage problems of the packaging of prefabricated vegetable sauce, vegetable bags, meat bags, and bags / boxes / box finished products, Techik X-ray inspection machine for sealing, stuffing and leakage, metal detector, and checkweigher can help solve the problem of multiple packaging products detection, as well as improve the detection efficiency.

Techik Standard Checkweigher
Techik Standard Checkweigher

        Suitable for small and medium-sized packaging of products. The weight of the product can be detected dynamically checked online.
Techik standard chekweigher, which makes use of high-precision sensors, can realize high-speed dynamic weight detection. Moreover, various rejection systems are available to meet the requirements of different prefabricated vegetable production lines.

Techik Mini Color Sorter
Techik Mini Color Sorter

        Suitable for rice, wheat and coffee beans, sorting and rejecting heterochrome, heterogeneous, and malignant impurities.
Equipped with high definition 5400 pixel full color sensor, Techik color sorter can snap photos. In addition to high speed linear scanning, Techik color sorter improves accurate identification ability. The compact size also makes Techik mini color sorter can be applied in various environment.

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