Tablet Metal Detector

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Tablet Metal Detector is widely used to detect and reject metal foreign body contamination in tablets, capsules and pharmaceutical powders. Tablet Metal Detector can identify Fe, Non-Fe, Sus, etc.

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*Features of Tablet Metal Detector

1. Metal foreign bodies in the tablets and drug particles were detected and excluded.
2. By optimizing the probe internal circuit structure and circuit parameters, the accuracy is greatly improved.
3. Capacitor compensation technology is adopted to ensure long stable detection of the machine.
4. Equipped with the touch screen operation interface and multi-level permission, all kinds of detection data is easy to export.

*Parameters of Tablet Metal Detector





Detection Width




Detection Height









Display Mode

TFT touch screen

Operation Mode

Touch input

Product Storage Quantity


Channel Material

Food grade plexiglass

Rejecter Mode

Automatic rejection

Power Supply

AC220V (Optional)

Pressure Requirement


Main Material

SUS304(Product contact parts: SUS316)

Notes: 1. The technical parameter above namely is the result of sensitivity by detecting only the test sample on the belt. The sensitivity would be affected according to the products being detected, working condition and speed.
2. Requirements for different sizes by customers can be fulfilled.

*Advantages of Tablet Metal Detector:

1. Structure optimization technology: through the optimization and improvement of the probe internal circuit structure and circuit parameters, the overall detection accuracy of the machine is improved.
2. Automatic balancing technology: as the long-time usage of the machine will result in the internal coil deformation and the balance deviation, the detection performance will become worse. Techik tablet metal detector takes advantage of capacitor compensation technology, which ensure the stable detection of the machine for a long time.
3. Self-learning technology: because there is no delivery device, it is necessary to choose the appropriate self-learning mode. The self-learning of manual dumping of materials will enable the machine to find the appropriate detection phase and sensitivity.

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