Is metal detecting worth in frozen fruit and vegetables?

Generally, during the processing of frozen fruit and vegetables, it is likely for the frozen products to be polluted by metal foreign matters such as iron in the production line. Thus, it is of necessity to have metal detection before delivery to customers.


Based on various vegetable and fruit materials and their application, frozen fruit and vegetable products are in different shape and state. One common way for vegetables to get quick-frozen state is to frozen the product in block. Such frozen fruit and vegetables can get better detection performance by means of metal detectors; while other frozen fruit and vegetables detection can take advantage of X-ray inspection system due to the poor uniformity.


Online detection and packaging detection: after the completion of the single freezing machine, generally, frozen fruit and vegetables can be detected on plates or after packaging.

Metal detector: according to the efficiency of the single freezing machine, product effect of general frozen vegetables will not influence the detection accuracy.

X-ray inspection system : X-ray inspection systems have better detection performance when it comes to uneven frozen products. X-ray inspection system, with air-blowing rejecters, achieves progress in detecting stone and glass.

Checkweigher : the weight checking machine is widely used for weighing the products before entering into market. For example, the mixed frozen vegetable can be checked the weight at the end of the production line.

Post time: Jan-30-2023

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